Horrible! My pen broke and fell down. And other funny unfortunate stories.

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    Nov 9, 2015
    I live in Southeast Kansas so strong wind is constant. It is in November here now and the wind is blowing harder. Today was an exception because it blew on the upper side of 50mph. My pen is old and the post my grandpa used to build it were not treated. They broke off at ground level. Not the corner posts but the two supporting the door and the two beside them. Now I have to do this repair/renovation when I was just about to put a light in my pen. Well I prioritized or since I'm on a poultry site, my ducks in a row (pun intend) and decided that the light will have to wait. So this is my funny unfortunate story now share yours.
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    May 23, 2015
    The day the chickens got out
    One day I was sitting in the house and I heard one of the chickens screaming it's head off. So me and my sisters ran outside and we saw Rebel the chicken standing on top of the coop. We started screaming "catch it catch it!!!!!" It took a little bathroom break on top of the coop and it ran down the wall. We finally caught it and we were washing our hands, and then my sisters started screaming "there's poop on your leg!!!!!" And I kept saying "where where?" And then I looked down and saw it so I wiped it off.
    The end.
    Hope you enjoyed!

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