Horrible Silkie Shipped Egg Experience!!!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by rlhagan56, May 13, 2016.

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    I have had such wonderful sellers on here that I have purchased eggs from to ship. Unfortunately on May 3rd I purchased Splash Silkie hatching eggs from Tucson to here in northern Nevada, off a Silkie breeder facebook page. She showed photos of her Splash Silkies, photos of how she ships, and assured me when I asked that she had eggs ready to ship, 12+. I asked her to put *Hatching Eggs* on the box, she agreed and told me she had stickers to put all over the box and my phone number.

    2 days later I asked for the tracking number of the shipment. "Oh, I thought I would gather the eggs next weekend to ship you fresh eggs." Okay, I understand and thank you. Next Monday evening, I messaged again, where is the tracking number? "Oh I had to drive my mother all over town and couldn't make it to the post office. Will ship fresh tomorrow, Tuesday morning." Okay. Tuesday evening again I asked for a tracking number. "Oh I missed getting to the post office by 3 minutes, I'll ship tomorrow." So I told her about good customer service, and remained calm and polite.

    Finally after 10 days I got the box. No Hatching Eggs written on the box, but there was a little sticker near the bottom. The eggs were sealed in bubble wrap and tape, in an egg carton, with a thin and small trash bag on one side and a little crinkled paper on the other. Lots of empty space and not packaged like her pictures. No extras, and 1 egg broken, I doubt the rest will hatch at all.

    Moral - beware who you buy shipped eggs from! Especially from Tucson! I'm not even angry, I know shipping eggs is a risk and we have no control over USPS, but this upset me to the point of crying. Why would anyone be so careless and callous? I hope there is a lesson to give to others in all of this.
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    That is so unfortunate and disappointing. Eggs getting damaged during shipping due to poor handling is one thing; but that type of poor service and packing is something else entirely.
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    Thats a bummer to hear. I am on lockdown with shipped eggs, when i got them, majority of air cells were detached and 3 broken. It was the posts problem, luckily the shipper gave me back my shipping charges as the package was 3 days late.

    That lady sounds rude....

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