HORRIBLE UPDATE...New foster kitten:)


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I lost my 12 year-old cat a few weeks ago and was thinking about adopting, but of course I thought I wasn't ready. But, I kept seeing all these cute kittens on Petfinder and the shelter just happened to be having a reduced fee adoption event. So....... meet our new kitten
We're fostering her until she's old enough to be spayed and qualify for "full" adoption. She only weighs just over a pound at around 8 weeks give or take a bit. It was love at first site for my daughter (3 1/2 yrs-old) and I think I'm in love too, LOL. I like this kitten's personality, spunk and sweetness all wrapped up in one fuzzy package

Any idea on some names??? I like flower names:) and her shelter collar had Cali (short for calico of course) written on it.

VERY SAD UPDATE: She stopped eating and was put down at the shelter today due to panleukopenia.
THIS IS HORRIBLE as panleukopenia can stay in the environment up to a year. My older cat is even at some risk of getting it but luckly she didn't have much contact with the kitten and is up on her vaccinations. We cannot adopt or foster for at least a month and should not get any cat younger than 5 months. Any cat we bring into our home must have full vaccinations with perferably several boosters.
I don't know what else to say......
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How about Cosmos? We use to name our rabbit flower names and we had one named that. My sister loves flowers and always came up with the coolest names. As soon as I saw her I thought Cosmos! and it starts with a C like cali. Some other choices I like are
Calla (like a calla lilly)
Heather/ Iris/ Lilly or Rose -normal names but also flowers

Still my favorite is Cosmos, with chrys and Calla coming in second.

She is ADORABLE by the way!

I have a similar looking cat that we named Grizabella (Cats). We either call her Bella or Bells normally.

I like the name Lily too.
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She's settling in already and making herself at home. I hope she doesn't come down with URI or worse and stays healthy
This is the first time we've adopted from a shelter....I'm more used to having no choice because a stray cat/kitten decided to ADOPTED ME!

Cali (calla) Lilly is sounding pretty good...of course my daughter want's to name her Princess LOL. So her "official" name may be Princess Cali Lilly.

She's actually quite tiny...when compared to my hand


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