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    Jul 26, 2009
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    I have been working at a 18 stall barn for sometime now. I love the work and the experience is great. On any given day my duties are, cleaning all 18 stalls including 2 broodmare stalls, bedding stalls down, cleaning and filling all water buckets including outside buckets, moving horses around to various stalls/turn outs including 2 yearlings that have never lived in a barn and do not halter well, feeding out hay to all horses that are inside and haying all empty stalls, sweeping/blowing out all barn aisles, stacking 70ish bales of hay weekly, ect. Basiclly all of the evening duties that are expected to get done at a working training barn. This all usually takes me 2-3 hours alone, little less if I have a helper.

    So my question is what would you expect to pay for this service daily if it were you? I need no supervision at the barn and am left alone to do my own thing and have prior horse experience as well if it makes a difference.
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    When I worked in construction (gopher jobs, hauling garbage, keeping the job site clean, helping bring in materials, etc.) I was payed $10/hour. It amounted to the same kind of work you'd expect in a horse barn, shoveling, hauling, stacking, cleaning, just without the horses [​IMG] Instead, I had air compressors, live power, gas, and water lines and sweaty people with power tools to dance around!

    That was up in North Dakota were the pay is good. Here in Missouri were I currently reside, I could expect $7-$8 per hour if I'm REALLY lucky. At least in this town, you have to squeeze pay out of people. Next summer I'm hoping to snag a lawn mowing job that pays $15 per yard, INCLUDING weed eating and cleaning the cut grass off the sidewalks! Some of them are good sized yard too. But, it'd pay for my monthly critter overhead and give me some happy-go-spend money on the side [​IMG]

    If I where the barn owner, and you did a good job and didn't slack on your duties, I'd pay between $10-$15 per hour. Or do a trade where you get free boarding and/or lessons in trade for keeping up with your duties.
  3. Kelly G

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    I wouldn't pay by the tends to slow people down [​IMG]

    I would say that that amount of work is worth $30 - $45 (I pay more for a job done really well, than I pay for a job done "good enough"). If you did other tasks than the ones you listed, that would be paid appropriately as well.

    Good luck! If you were close, I'd pay that for good, reliable help!
  4. lockedhearts

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    Apr 29, 2007
    I pay between $20 & $25 a day for someone to take care of my 8 when I am gone, that is feed, turn out , hay and clean stalls . I make sure I have enough feed and hay here and no one is expected to bed my stalls, I also am understanding about cleaning and if my horses go out early and are out all day the caretaker can clean them every other day if they wish.
  5. Campine Lover

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    When its all finished, you could have someone board their horse at your barn, then instead of paying monthly, they could work off the horse's rent.
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    You must work FAST to get 18 stalls cleaned and bedded, horses hayed, moved etc, and fill/clean water buckets in 2-3 hours! If you are doing a good job I would pay you $15.00 /hour. Some boarding barns charge a LOT of money for board and/or training. I know of some that charge anywhere from $600 to $800 a month per horse. I think you would be well worth $15.00 and hour if you do a good job and are dependable. I am saying this from experience...I used to work off board for one horse and stall cleaning, watering, and haying was what I did. It is hard work and REAL hard work in the summer! Of course I am old, but still...I'm just saying;)
  7. onthespot

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    I'd say $40
  8. Sassymygirl

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    I work at the stable I go to, only during the summer. And there are 2 barns with a total of 30 stalls, I muck them out, put down fresh bedding, clean the out the water buckets and fill with fresh water, turn the horses out and bring them in, groom them, feed them and hay. And they pay me $40 a day. But for 18 stalls and doing all that.....I agree with the $15.00 an hour.
  9. michickenwrangler

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    Jun 8, 2008
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    Back in 2000 when I had a similar job at a boarding stable, only it was 40 stalls, I was paid salary of $180/week. I had an apartment on the grounds that was included (and even utilities!) plus board for my horse was included, so it probably worked out to close to $500/week give or take.
  10. seymore0626

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    Oct 10, 2008
    Starting salary $10/hour. I have three employees, and they "go" all day long. They alternate on Sundays, but sometimes in the breeding season they work every Sunday. Thye do everything, stalls (40 at the main farm and 15 at the second farm), assist vet and blacksmith, clean, mow, repair/paint fences, prep yearlings, the list is endless!!!Tthey even milk the three jerseys!!!

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