Horse blanket sizing?


12 Years
Aug 30, 2007
We don't exactly have much demand for blankets here in NM, but we're hauling Lucy to MT tomorrow and she still has her summer coat. The forecast is for anything from 12-34F en route and the stalls are not enclosed in a barn. We're going to have to stop and buy her a good blanket en route because nowhere around here even carries them. We have a nylon sheet that fits her, is it reasonable to assume that she'd need the same size in a heavy turnout blanket? The sheet is an 80 which seems pretty big in theory for a 15.2hh horse, but she's not a small lady.
In the same brand and model, yes the sizing is pretty consistant between sheet vs heavyweight blanket.

However if you are comparing different brands (or, occasionally, even different models from the same manufacturer) all bets are off.

You might want to bring along a clean bedsheet, or clean her sheet real well and bring it along, so as to possibly be able to *try on* a blanket before buying.

GOod luck, have fun at the clinic!!! and post a full report!!

Get a tape measure and measure from the base of her neck to the tip of the tail.

I think mine wears a 92, but I need to recheck...I know it was freakin' huge and I could use it to cover my bed!
We can put the nylon sheet on her and perhaps we'll find a store amenable enough to let us try it on her while she's there. I gave her a bath yesterday and she was beautiful.. until it rained.

I'll post a report, just hope it's not a news report

She's had a screw loose all week. She almost flattened my mother in law yesterday for leading another horse through her pen. Then proceeded to squawl like a bronc and buck when I took her to the roundpen. I know her wicked ways though, she'll act like an angel just to make a liar out of me when we get there. We don't call her Lucifer for nothing.

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