Horse breed for beginners.


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Aug 7, 2011
Puget Sound area, WA
I can say /not/ an arabian. I've got one that's just a quarter (3/4 quarter horse too), and she is just high strung as all get out. Friendly, but nuts. Can't even hiccup while riding because she'll spook and start to bolt.
Hmm, I see where you're coming from, but I have to disagree a bit. Arabians can be very reactive, but it's because they are observant and notice every little thing in their environment. Which is definitely a disadvantage when they're young, especially for people with less experience, but they are one of the smartest breeds.

Like others have said, the training is way more important than the breed, and for this reason an Arabian who is older, been around the block and done different things but always treated kindly, is one of the best horses anybody could hope to have. The best thing about them is they form a strong bond with an owner who loves them. An Arabian who trusts you will be willing to try new things that they haven't done before, just because they want to be your partner. They also tend to be healthy and have good feet, and stay sound to an older age than most breeds. An experienced 20-year-old Arabian can be a fantastic riding horse who will be your best friend for 10 more years, sometimes more.

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