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    *Please don't buy from here, visit the site below*

    I've noticed that a lot of my fellow BYC peeps have horses so I thought I would post this up here in case anyone was interested. We have shampoo, conditioner, and skin relief that are all organic, essential oils.

    You can visit our website here to order:

    Horse Fly Shampoo:


    Comfort your horse with this unique shampoo, designed for its ability to sooth insect irritations, leaving your horse happy and calm. For best results, combo this shampoo with the Relief Spray.

    This unique shampoo is great for helping protect your horse from unwanted insects, but it also works great as an everyday cleansing shampoo to help bring back that wonderful show ring shine.

    Horse Rejuvenate Shampoo:


    Designed for active or older horses, this unique shampoo helps rejuvenate the horses muscles and joints with the use of Clary Sage, Patchouli, Frankincense and Nutmeg. Great for arthritic horses. Stimulated blood flow.
    This shampoo is a wonderful reward to your horse after a long trail ride or workout in the arena, or for those older horses that just need a little extra loving care.

    Horse Skin Relief Healing Treatment:[​IMG]

    This unique formula does more than just stop symptoms... it actually eliminates the problem in days instead of weeks! This organic horse Skin Relief formula penetrates deep into skin tissue where fungus lies to reach below the skin's surface to eliminate fungi and bacteria that cause rain rot, mud fever, ring worm, horse fungus, dog fungus, warts and much more.

    Note: We don't make these ourselves, but have them drop shipped for us. These are just so great that we have to share them with you!

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