Horse food and Whole corn

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    From reading the strings on the whole corn I wasn't able to get the volume or amount per chicken that I should be feeding. I have an old grist mill and have used this to grind up horse food that the boarders either deem as "Bad" or have left behind. I don't want this to go to waste and I will use this to grind up the corn or at least get it to a cracked state so they can digest it better. The chickens are all free range and have plenty of driveway gravel to get grit from which is where I will spread crumbles from time to time.

    The horse food has lables so I know what percent protein it is but with the corn I am not sure how much to give them as in onces per chicken for layers. I was thinking a cup of cracked corn per layer.[​IMG]

    Any thoughts on how to combine with layer crumbles or feed outright with extra calcium?
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