Horse Isle anyone? Come Buy Sell And Trade horses/tokens here!

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  1. Hey! I made a MineCraft thread and that worked out.. So i made this! Um Yeah odd intro to a thread huh? Well lemme explain what HorseIsle is...

    Horse Isle is a family friendly horse website that's awesome! You can create a avatar and you can get horses its cool. Its free to play and all that.. There are things called sub tokens that allow the player to get a privet ranch island have barns and all that fun stuff. There are club tokens horse tokens ID tokens and other tokens.. There are tons of horse breeds and something the game calls the BBB Or big book of breeds which give you info about horses tack anything. Thats the game though (sorry if this sounds like a ad for the game) Go check it out.. Its cool! :D

    Well now that you know what it is heres what the thread is..

    I made this thread so we the players of horse isle can buy/sell/trade horses tokens tack etc
    So feel free to come and chat!

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