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Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by bkreugar, Aug 5, 2010.

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    Hi guys remember I am looking for a bigger horse for DD? At 6 today we are going to look at this guy

    I am concerned about 3 things though.His breeding goes back to nazrulah/bold ruler.That is one of the few thorobred bloodlines I am familiar with and NOT in a good way. Does anyone else have any expereince with this bloodline?

    Secondly he is a ottt and she says he has a bone chip in his knee.She has had it xrayed 2x and says it shold not interfere with jumping up to 3ft. REALLY???? seems like he would get arthritis in the knee eventually.

    So I WAS excited, but now I am leary. What do you think?
  2. WhiteMountainsRanch

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    Jun 19, 2010
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    Can you get a vet to look at the horse and x-rays beforehand? Seems like that would be a scary thing to mess with if he is a prospect jumper.
  3. itsachicken

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    I would, at least, have copies of those x-rays sent to your vet. It's been a while since I've been involved in the horse world, but I don't remember bone chips in joints being the sort of thing you could shrug off. That was not the best sales video so I probably shouldn't form an opinion based on that. He seemed to have an odd way of going sometimes but it's entirely possible that that was caused by the rider.
  4. michickenwrangler

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    On a jumper, the knees are the first things to break down as they usually absorb the brunt of the impact. I would pass unless DD gets her heart set on doing equitation on the flat or dressage. They can be removed, but it requires surgery which is never cheap for a horse.

    Also if your daughter wishes to be competitive with jumping, she will eventually at least school and probably show over fences higher than the "3 feet" this woman is talking about.
  5. rodriguezpoultry

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    With the bone chip, I'd probably pass. The sales video, I wasn't that impressed with. Why don't they show him jumping??
  6. scbatz33

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    Quote:because he has a chip in his knee.
    If his registered name is the name on the video, there is no Bold Ruler in his pedigree. There is Mr Prospector and there in lies the concern for soundness. IMO.

    The pedigree

    ETA - Smoke Glacken was a good horse and he has produced nice, sound runners. However, since this horse did poorly at the track it could be a soundness issue.
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  7. welsummerchicks

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    Jul 26, 2010
    "why don't they show him jumping?"

    "because he has a bone chip in his knee"

    LOL! You been around some horse traders before today, LOL????!!!

    "because he has a bone chip in his knee"

    And he moves like it, too.

    About blood lines. Advise not to assume what temperament the animal has based on its line or even sire. See what the individual is like. Example, my friend has two full brother geldings (same sire and dam) totally different temperaments.

    First thing, the horse looks really dispirited and oddly quiet, he tolerates an awful lot of the rider. Just looks odd.

    He does take a very odd stride in front, kind of how a horse with knee problems moves.

    Next, I didn't see any canter, did I miss that? I would want to see how the horse picks up both leads, and see him KEEP cantering for a while, without getting strong.

    Next, horse is not ridden outside of this tiny pen. You need to see him do a little course outside this pen.

    As for the bone chip, 'that depends', but do NOT take the xrays THEY have and get them read. Ever. Have your own taken.

    Take the xrays to a very good leg guy, rather than a vet who isn't good with legs.

    What the lady told you, that a bone chip won't keep a horse from jumping 3 foot, of course not, someone can whip a horse that has a broken leg over a jump.

    The question really is, is can THIS HORSE jump three foot ROUTINELY, with THIS bone chip???? If I saw THIS horse jumping in a bunch of classes on a weekend and coming out Monday not lame, then THIS HORSE can jump 3 ft with THIS bone chip. Will he be able to next year? Thats another question. A vet needs to look at the xrays and see if the bone chip is beating up the knee joint and how much of an 'active process' (nice nice for 'it's going to get worse') is going on.

    A pet horse can have problems with his legs that a show horse that goes all spring, summer and fall can't have. It's really important for the vet doing the prepurchase exam and evaluating the xrays, to know exactly how the buyer wants to use the horse.
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  8. chickenzoo

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    I would pass on this horse. If you are getting it for your daughter, you don't want the constant worry of "what if" in the back of your mind. Jumping is hard enough on completely sound horses with no chips.... You have enough worry with her learning and riding, why add more. Spend your money on a sound , good minded horse that your daughter can grow with physically and mentally.
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  9. 2DogsFarm

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    Aside from the craptastic sale video, I'd keep looking if DD has her heart set on a horse she can do Jumpers with.
    OTTB are a dime a dozen.
    Young OTTB are prime candidates not only for bone chips but OCCD - also the Kiss of Death for a Jumper.

    Is there a branch of CANTER in your area?
    This organization lists OTTB for sale by trainers & their volunteers are dead honest about the horses they represent.
    CANTER MI had U of MI donating bone chip surgeries for the horses they placed for a while.
    Some of those were advertised as sound for jumping post-surgery with a decent recovery period.
    Here's a link to CANTER MI:
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  10. welsummerchicks

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    Jul 26, 2010
    I second CANTER, but only if your daughter has retrained race horses before. Sometimes these guys don't easily get the idea that galloping and jumping doesn't mean, 'fly my son, baby needs a new pair of shoes!'

    A bone chip isn't the same as a fracture. These chips are almost always referred to as 'bone chips' but can be either bone or cartilage or both. They aren't generally from fractures, but from osteochondrosis (a defect in the joint cartilage) or uneven pressure on a joint. They rarely come totally loose but if they MAY get walled off and stop bothering the horse. If the defect keeps shedding little particles it can continue to irritate the joint. If they are in a spot where they don't matter, they don't matter [​IMG]

    A lot of horses have various chips here and there, and in some cases, it bothers them, and in some cases not. Treatment depends on whether they are bothering the horse or not - if bothering the horse they can be removed surgically - arthroscopic, so not as bad as surgeries in the past. I saw about one minute of one today.

    A good leg guy can look at the xrays and a video of the horse moving, and give you an educated opinion as to whether this will bother this horse or not or need any treatment or caution.

    I dunno if it's the knee that's bothering this one. He just isn't a happy camper in some way.
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