Horse People! New Horse Chat Monday at 8 pm eastern time!!!!!

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    Apr 16, 2010
    Any horse people....people/teens that ride, have your own horse, lease or just love horses! There is this really cool horse chat I found, it's similar to chicken chat but for horses! I kidn of made up the time.....there schedule horse chats are at like midnight and no one goes. So its going to be this coming Monday night starting at 8 pm and going for as long as we want!!! Its an open horse chat room so its always available. All you have to do is click on the link, log in as a guest(make up any username you want) click on the horse chat room and log in!!!! You have to scroll down to find the horse chat, the list is below the username part. Its called Paddock Horse Chat. We can talk about anything horse stuff and anything else!!!!!! Its a CHAT room, not a horse forum. So its like IMing, its instant and very similiar to BYC's chicken chat. Here is the link:

    IF YOU WANT TO YOU COULD LOG IN NOW!!!!!!!!!*** I am logged in on there now! Its 9:20 pm central time! Anyone who sees this now or around this time and can just log in now and talk about horses if you want!!!! But the scheduled time is Monday at 8 pm!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
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    Great idea!!! You may have more takers if you sign up for
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    I could be wrong and I am not a mod but I think this is against TOS to post invitation to other forums. Even if it is not chicken related.

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