Horse politics and equine loooooove


8 Years
Apr 17, 2011
For those that have followed my recent string of posts about our animals and recent equine additions, you may get a kick out of this.

I gave Gitana (our new thoroughbred) a few days to settle in and then introduced her to the other 3 horses. Trigger (pony) was in love at first sniff and followed her everywhere... Blaze (QH mare) hated her at first sight and has no intention of changing her opinion any time soon... Bobby (paint gelding) is interested in her, but his devotion to Blaze insists he sticks his nose up at Gitana in a show of support. To keep the equine peace, both pairs now have their own paddocks and all is right with the world.

Trigger definitely shoots for the stars! He's madly, desperately, hopelessly in love with her. I have to get a picture of this.... He's a good looking guy and all, but she looks like a leggy super-model next to him. He has to crane his neck when he's gazing adoringly at her (which is pretty much all the time).
Our barn is like a soap opera, I think everyone's is.

Grudges that are formed years ago are still playing out.

One horse walks by Madame's stall - nicker, nicker, ears up, friendly talk, are you going out? Well don't go too far away....honey........but don't come closer than look-don't-touch!!!

The other one goes by Madame's stall - 'I HATE HIM, TAKE HIM AWAY, IF HE LEFT I WOULD HAVE A PARTY, HE IS DISGUSTING, UGLY.....'
We got a new broodmare, she was bred to our stallion, great mare, bred awesomely, had a wonderful filly. She loves people is uncomplicated, takes herself to the pasture from the barn and back with no issues. Easy to clip, great for the farrier, no issues with anything..... except....... she HATES other horses.

We tried putting her with the other mares and foals, she kicked at the moms and babies. So she is separate, when I wean her foal , all the foals will end up together, I am hoping then I can put her with my Palomino mare and that mare will not take her garbage. My other 3 mares are too laid back and easy going to lay down the law

It is amazing to watch the things that go on between them....
When I got my little paint mini stallion at 4 months old, my Mustang mare instantly became his momma. She adored him and even started producing milk for him... my vet said he didn't think she ever had a baby and I've had her since she was 4. Well she nursed that little thing for over a year! She protected him and would jump a fence to get to him, she always had to have him in sight. i think she kept waiting for him to grow up... LOL silly horse. She gets along with other mares when not on our property, but at HER house, no way will she let another mare around besides her buddy Diva( Quarb pinto)
My mare and my friend's Paint mare used to HATE one another at first, pinned ears, faces, bared teeth, the works. But she and I have ridden together so much that now the horses are BFFs and will pace the fenceline until the other comes back. When I took DD to the dressage show with friend last summer, in the middle of the stretchy-chewy circle that friend was trying to attain, my horse back at the stall neigh. Paint mare's head flipped up and she neighed back. Friend only earned a 5 on her circle.
When I moved Zeus the arab and another boarders horse to their new digs, these two geldings had never met, but one trailer ride.. and poof instant friends!!

My mare feels she needs to be the "hall monitor" at the waterer, she and my DH's mare are in their own pasture, but its a shared waterer with the majority of the herd.
So she stands on their side of the fence and lays her ears back and makes faces.. kicks at the fence.. and makes the horses "line" up to drink...
Kind of silly!


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