Horse Possibly Killing Dogs/Coyotes

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    Well, I don't know if this is happening with him or not. I go out to the pasture every day and didn't notice a dead body, but there were buzzards EVERYWHERE in the pasture. Winds up, there was a dead coyote with an obviously beaten up body. I had seen Max "playing" with other animals such as dogs and cats.

    Today, the owner of an Australian Shepherd said that her dog was walking the fenceline and went under the fence to the pond where Max is kept in a herd. She heard the dog yelp, ears flat against it's head and running full speed to the hole in the fence. Close on his heels was Max, same stance but snorting and running so fast she thought he'd slam into the fence. He stopped at the fenceline while the dog ran back to the owner.

    Is it possible he killed the coyote? Why would he all of a sudden start this? He's never savaged any animal before? Not even my Shih Tzu? Could it be that the dog was trying to herd a member of his herd? But why would he, of all the horses, give chase?

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    Of course it's possible. That's why donkeys are used as guardians for sheep and goats... because almost all of them have a homicidal hatred of dogs/coyotes... and a number of horses have that trait too to one degree or another.

    It is not a comment on the horse's personality or 'niceness', it's just a primitive instinct that some have more than other.

    Whether or not Max killed the coyote you will presumably never know (could certainly have been some other cause of death), but it is good to be aware that he has now gone after a dog, so that you can be careful when other dogs and their owners are around. Even if he's been fine with dogs before, it is possible that being harassed by a coyote got the wind up his butt so to speak, and since you have been told he went after the Aussie it is worth being careful in future.

    I knew a horse, when I was a teenager, who was an avid cat killer. WEnt through, gee, probably four or five barn cats when they went into his stall. Quite gruesome. LOVELY horse though, very gentle and friendly, not a mean bone in his body. Except if you were a cat in his stall. <shrug>

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    My arab filly seems awfully aggressive to smaller animals if in her area too. I don't know if she is playing but it seems like she is gonna stomp them. We just keep them out of there. She is not very nice to cows either a bit rough...makes them run and bucks, kicks.
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    My question to the Aussie owner would be why did she think it was ok for him to be in the horse pasture in the first place?

    The last thing i'd want is anybody's herding dog near my livestock.

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    A dog repeatedly annoyed my reining mare while she was growing up. Soon as she reached maturity she decided to do something about it. No dogs can enter the pasture now. If they escape it's with a broken bone or 2. It's entirely likely the coyote threatened or was seen as a threat to the horses and so one decided to take care of it. After resorting to that they seem to have a big dislike of all dog type animals.
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    Quote:Yes, i agree.
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    One of my friends has an Arab gelding who chases coyotes out of her pasture. My horse and I encountered one on the trail one day. Both horse and coyote stopped and looked at one another a minute. Izzie raised her head, stomped a hoof and snorted as if to say "You want a piece of this?" The coyote took off. Apparently he didn't. [​IMG]

    A lot of horses don't like dogs or other canines.

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    he probably felt the animals were a threat to his heard so he "played" with them
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    May have a mean streak in it.

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    Another duplicate post. I have no clue what my phone did sorry.
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