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    I'm trying to educate myself about the racing industry. It's part of the equine world that is completely unknown to me. I like TBs a lot, and have experience with off-track ones. I like the ball of wax you get to work with. I can follow some of the bloodlines, but don't really know stuff like "Native Dancer threw turf winners"<--that's just a made up example [​IMG] So I have some questions:

    How did you become involved in racing?

    Where do you send your horses to be started?

    Do you look for stallions within your state?

    Did you become a member of the Jockey Club before you did anything?

    Thank you for your time and input...[​IMG]

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    Quote:Thoroughbreds are only allowed to be live cover, so it really depends on how far you want to ship the mare. I interned at one of the largest Thoroughbred and Standardbred breeding farms in IL and we had TB mares coming from all over, including Florida. The stallions typically stay on one place.

    Now Standardbreds can do artificial insemination. We shipped semen all over the US.

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