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Horses needs GOOD homes ASAP... PIC HVY!!!

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by 19hhbelgian, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. 19hhbelgian

    19hhbelgian Pigs DO Fly!!

    Apr 9, 2009
    New Tripoli PA
    I have a few horses that I need to place ASAP. We own our own electrical contracting business (new construction), and as we all know, things aren't so great right now... We are doing everything we can to keep what we have, and I have horses that need good homes where they will have a job, and get the amount of attention they deserve. They are all healthy, and safe to be around - no craziness or bad habits. I will look at any offer on these guys/girls. I can trailer for a fee, will meet in the middle, will help out as much as I can to get the horse to you! Also, please feel free to ask for more pictures, or video of my horses, and don't be afraid to ask questions!

    #1: Classy - breeding stock, Smokey cream paint filly. Classy is out of a buckskin tobiano mare (15h) and a smokey black tobiano stallion (15h). On her papers - Sonny Dee Bar, Zippo Pine bar and others (her Dam's grandsire was a reining champion). I have all paper work and the breeders certificate is in order, but don't have the $ to send it in to APHA to get her a registration # [​IMG] Classy is very level headed and is easy to handle. She is taking her good old time growing, but she should get there [​IMG] Classy has beautiful ice blue eyes, and her coat sparkles in the sun. She should make a nice kids horse when she's older, or a good all around horse. Asking $500
    Classy as a baby (She was foaled on my farm)
    Classy now (her color has changed, as was expected (they don't stay that nice dark color - that's their baby fuzz)

    #2: PK - registered bay TB gelding. PK was raced but only a couple times (I think only 2 or 3), but he did not run well, and was "retired" from the track (fired is more like it [​IMG]). PK is 16h, well built with nice confirmation, good feet (is barefoot for me), a relatively easy keeper (no huge amounts of grain), no bad habits in the pasture or under saddle, and he is level headed. PK is very nice to ride - goes into frame as soon as you ask for it, has steady gaits, knows his leads, has a good whoa, and has not tried to buck or rear with me on him. He is easy to saddle/bridle, LOVES as much attention as you will give him, ties, trailers, bathes, clips, ... PK will make an EXCELLENT hunter/dressage/all around horse with some fine tuning! Asking $2000
    PK helping DH fix the waterer [​IMG]

    #3: Reeno - Registered ApHC (& I have all paperwork to be sent in to another 4 registries - so possible 5 way registered appy) Leopard App stallion. Here is Reeno's strory... I got him when he was about 5 months old. He had gotten out of the pasture and hurt himself on something. He hit his eye on something, and was taken to Cornell for treatment. Reeno unfortunately lost sight in that eye. He carries himself straight, and is completely ride-able, I just don't have the time to do anything with him. He is a seriously easy keeper only getting good quality hay, and looking like he gets a wheelbarrow of grain [​IMG], he has abnormal hair for an appy - LONG & THICK mane, tail, and forelock!, he is very sturdily built as he is 100% (or very close to it) foundation bred (I was told this by someone else), Reeno ties, and I can work around him no problem - just need to talk to him so he realizes it's you and not another horse. Reeno is in with my boys at the bottom of the pecking order, and is extremely well behaved. Reeno would make a nice breeding stallion or I can have him gelded before he would leave our farm. Reeno is FREE to a wonderful, knowledgeable, caring home only. He will leave with a contract stating that I will take him back if he ever needs to find a new home - selling him is not an option - I would want him back.
    This pic is from last summer: (I need to get current pics of Reeno [​IMG] He is bigger and a lot more filled out now.

    #4: Rocket - Mini appaloosa stallion. Rocket is also registerable. I have his paperwork in hand and ready to send in. I was planning on waiting rather than having temporary papers, but now of course [​IMG] Rocket is a wonderful stallion. He is in with goats,alpacas,my colt from this year,geldings,and a mini mare. He has no aggression at all towards the others. He is very easy to handle - leads, ties, clips, bathes, you can spray him, pick his feet... I will be starting him in harness this fall too. Rocket gets more color every season, and is just cute as anything. He stands about 34" right now, and is done growing. Easy keeper - no bad habits. His mane, tail, and forelock are nice and thick and long. Asking: $800
    Rocket being "tortured" by his adopted son [​IMG] Will post updated pic later today.

    #5: "Mustangs a Lady in Red" Lady is a chestnut TB filly, 1.5 years old. She was to be a race horse, but the breeder covered her Dam with the wrong stallion, and never told the mare's owner [​IMG] Long story short, he didn't want to be bothered with all the paper work and fees, so I now have her. Lady is going to be a nice big girl, and with no racing history, completely fresh for ANY discipline!! She has great color, she is barefoot & UTD on shots/wormings. Lady has a good mind, and I think she will be pretty easy to start. She is about 15.2/3h right now! She is a very friendly horse, and has no bad habits. Asking: $1000

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