"Hospital cage" (not sure I'd know where to put this)

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    I have had a ill little birdie named Penny. Apparently in the shuffle of moving, her resistance low and she ended up in the "Hospital Cage" and I wanted to share this with you all with sick or ill birds. This cage ward is for chicks and chickens you wish to keep separated. This is a flight cage for canarys.


    In the process of mending, everything under the great sky needs a bit of touch to help speed along the healing. No, I never took my eyes of that cat! Nature will take over!
    (Of course, doesn't everyone do these things at the kitchen table?)

    Now when you need to give your bird medicated water so you don't want a lot, use the quart watering dish that is sold at most farm stores , and keep in mind that any jar that can fit a canning Jar ring, will be able to be used for it. This jar is a pint jar, they even have jelly jars that are smaller! Of course custard cups work wonderful too, it also helps to keep track of just how much they have eaten.

    I hope this gives you some ideas on how to care for a sick little one. There is a terry cloth sock, filled with shredded paper and also a "nest" of shredded paper to make the stay a bit more comfy.
    I hope like you do, this will be the last time I'll ever need to bring one in for hospitalization.
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