Hospital Food - what does your chicken prefer?

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    I have had a roo in the "hospital" for two plus weeks now. I have been forcing a liquid diet down him, but at some point he needs to start eating again on his own. What do your chickens prefer when they are recovering that is easy to digest, nutritious, and yummy - from a chicken perspective?

    This morning he ate an entire large scrambled egg, so I am hopeful that there are more things that he is willing to eat - I just have to figure out what they are.
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    scrambled eggs are good, as well as yogurt (plain)
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    I mixed scrambled egg and yogurt with oatmeal (right out of the box) or with starter mash. My sick girl ate it right up after refusing EVERYTHING else.
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    Cereal or some oats could be a nice food with an egg. Mixing an egg to it is a good diet for you. Anyway I just want to say a good luck for your chickens.
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    I had a hen that when she was sick would only eat bamboo shoots, very weird.

    Anyway the best thing to stimulate his appetite would be another chicken. Can you bring in a gentle hen and feed them together. Nothing like the sight of a hen scarfing down food to get a rooster's attention! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Thank for all the advice. I actually lost the overall battle and he has since moved on to a better place. [​IMG]

    But you're right, while I had him in the "hospital" I had him facing the back patio and he would always perk up when the girls came by to say hello. His time was short, but he had a great life.
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