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This weekend il be having my first ever garage sale. I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed at the massive chaos that is my yard and garage. Family members are bringing more stuff every day. Im a very organized person and there is nothing organized about garage sales. My anxiety level is rising hourly! Any advice for anewbie? What have you found that works well or not so well? Thanks!
Seriously, just go for it. Whether you price everything or not, people will be wanting to bargain with you. Price the important stuff, and don't fret about the rest.
Accept any reasonable offer, don't hold out for that extra $5... unless, of course, you still want a garage full of crap when your done
also--not to be Miss Doom and Gloom---Have someone's job to sit at a table, and collect money and watch the money box. The VAST majority of people would not think of ripping you off, but there's always a chance...especially in the chaos of a big yard sale....
Price cheap!

I rarely price anything about 75c to $1` and those are my really good items such as womens like new jeans etc
most of my kid shirts/shorts are 25c to 50c and I rarely come down on those 75c kid clothing would be stuff
like in great condition dresses, like new jeans etc..

I never do a bag sale either; but a lot of ppl have success w/that..thats where at noon or like 1 hr before you close a bag of clothing
is $1

I always stay open til like 1 too; to get the late shoppers...and I NEVEr take anythign back into myhouse!

From someone who hits dozens to hundreds of garage, yard, estate, private invite, community, church sales a month...I agree...
You want to have PLENTY of change, too. Tons of people will have hit the ATM on the way to yard sales so they'll show up with a $20 and want to buy $2-$5 worth of stuff.

Clothes that are hung up sell better than folded clothes, so hang a few of your best items (on a rack, fence, tree limb) and as those sell, replace them with other items. Tools and furniture placed where they are easily seen from the road will get the guys to stop, too. My stuff gets cheaper as the day goes on or I throw in something for free. You bought 2 shirts and 3 books? Here, have a pair of shorts or another book free! That way I get rid of most everything. Whatever doesn't sell does NOT go back in the house or garage, it goes in the car for donation drop off on Monday.

Good luck!
What great advice! I was definatly wondering about how much change to have, think I have that covered now. Thankfully my kids let me get a ton done today, now im actually getting excited! Insted of marking all the baby clothes ive decided to make signs and have them all priced the same! I dont want to get rich off the stuff, and definatly won’t be bringing it back in the house
Thanks for all the advice‚ hopefully I'll get to meet the neighbors and make some friends! (We are new in town.)
just be forewarned; even if they are marked 25c; they will STILL try to take you down to a dime..

when I price my stuff 75c and under I dont take less...I'm like man..its a quarter for a nice shirt..geesh...

so decide what you want to do w/that beforehand so you arent caught off guard!!

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