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    i have a star hot dog steamer thats just taking up room,, bought it a few months ago when i was gonna have a BBQ stand,, but my birds turned my BBQ shack into a nursery,, and i dont need to steam 160 or something like that , hot dogs at once lol, and 60 buns, this thing is in REALLY good shape the temp dial is a little off, when turned all the way up it says you got another number to go , and when turned all the way down, you go past the last mark,, hehe ,, will take $225.00 for it PLUS shipping, which i think cost me like $40.00 when i bought it.
    may be able to do better on the price for you guys [​IMG]
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    Quote:Hey - maybe you can turn it into an incubator [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Just how adjustable is it???

    Tee hee -
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