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    Today I completely cleaned out the coop and run. After I removed all the shavings and scaped all the poo from the coop I started raking the run. Two of my 19 wk old RIRs, who have yet to "give up the goods", decided to go in the coop and inspect my work. I don't think they appreciated all my hard work, they started raising all kinds of... well, lets just say they didn't approve! They kept inspecting the one of four nest boxes that was mysteriously emptied of all the hay over the past week. I replaced all the shavings and put shavings in the boxes as well. Do you think this behavior means we might get some eggs soon! We're leaving for TN in the morning for 3 weeks. I hope to have some eggs when we get back... Yes, I have a sitter.
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    Lets just hope it means eggs are on the way!!! [​IMG] Chickens can be so silly! Enjoy.
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    b.hromada :

    Lets just hope it means eggs are on the way!!! [​IMG] Chickens can be so silly! Enjoy.

    I was having a hoot watching those two. Out in the yard, by myself, laughing my tail off. Hope the neighbors weren't watching me!​
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    Off to TN... catch yall on the flip!
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    Jan 6, 2011
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    My girls started emptying out the nest while trying to "fix" it up the way they liked before laying. It happened about a week before we saw eggs. We ended up lining the nests with rubber mats to prevent the eggs from breaking while they got over their urge to build a nest.
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    May 12, 2011
    It's funny. People sometimes say to me "Uhhh so when you go away, is it hard to find a chicken sitter?" And actually it's SO easy for me. If you find the right person they will be like "WHAT you want ME to get eggs and feed chickens? cool!" they usually find it interesting. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Especially when they get to keep the eggs!

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