Hot in coop. How much heat can chickens handle?

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    Jun 25, 2016
    I adopted a stray 4 mo old rooster. Waiting for a chicken run to arrive. His coop is a shed style has a window with wires and a small vent but gets little cross ventilation. There are a couple of hot days coming (low 90s predicted) it seems fine in the coop at night, but in 80 degrees during the day, the temp has already easily hit 90. I have plenty of water and so far rooster seems fine. We have lots of predators and I don't want him out unattended during the day.

    Any suggestions how the make him as comfortable and safe inside the coop for a few very hot days until the run arrives? Any suggestions are welcome.

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    May 31, 2014
    Chickens can handle high heat fairly well provided enough of an air draft is present.
    If possible, create a cross draft, if this means cutting a square hole in the top across from another vent, do it. You can also take a vent out and replace it with a small box fan.
    Another great way to cool off a coop is to run cool water over the roof when it gets hot.
    Another decent way to cool off the coop is to place frozen water filled milk jugs in the corners of the coop and alternate them into the freezer when they thaw out.
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