Hot spot in homemade incubator- is that okay?

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    I built an incubator based in Miss Prissy's design, with modifications to the thermostat and thermostat placement as recommended elsewhere. Right now the temps are holding perfect - no variation unless I open the top. However, in one area, the temp is reading 2 degrees higher. If that spot is 101, and the rest is 99, will that be okay? My gauges only read whole degrees, so I don't know what the true variance is.

    This is my inside set up, except I moved the fan so it blows toward the light. The hot spot is in front of the light. Right now I have store eggs in there so I can get the temps right with the mass of eggs.

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    That will likely not be a problem, especially since you know of the hot spot in advance! Just keep eggs a safe distance from the hot spot.

    Most people find out about temperature variances in their incubators after a hatch or two go bad [​IMG]

    Make sure that you are accurately measuring temperatures at the level of the egg center, and all will be fine.

    Good luck with your hatches!
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    I agree. Shouldnt be a prob.There is a hotspot on the auto turners in smaller incubators (the motor itself) The babies huddle up toward it when born. Thats also why I like a fan. Any hotspots wont vary as much. Good luck hatching!

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