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    Jan 26, 2016
    Gosnells Perth Australia
    Hi everyone I'm still very new to rearing chicks. I am in Perth Australia and today its 99. or 37.8 C. How hot can my 7 week old chick and 1 1/2 week old chicks cope with? The next few days are going to be 42 degrees C. I have them in my patio with a fan on at the moment the are doing everything normally but the 7 week old is panting. I am think of moving her to under the trees were it is a bit cooler, but I'm not sure if it will be cool enough. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
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    Jan 30, 2015
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    I'd say that if they are acting normally - doing their chicken thing then they seem to be coping. You may wish to consider adding ice cubes to their drinking water to help cool them down a little. Do keep a watchful eye on them for any signs of over-heating, i.e. acting abnormally.

    Maybe other peeps have other suggestions?
    All the best

    BTW - it may be an idea to post this question on "Australia - 6 states and that funny little island" as you are likely to get advice as to how your fellow Aussies deal with the issue.
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    Hi Luckysmum,

    I'm a new chicken owner in Western Australia, Mount Nasura.

    My Chihuahua found my Chick about the end of Jan 2016, just a few weeks after the Waroona Fires.

    I too, worried about the hot days in Feb 2016, but my little ones have handled everything. They spent the first 4-5 weeks in the house, but it was shut up and I was at work all day. Most afternoons I would warm to cold bath, which I found helped.

    We still have some warm days coming but the chicky babies have been outside day and night for 2 weeks, and they seem to love it.
    On hot afternoon, like last week and even today, i hose the grass. The chickys don't like the water hitting them, but love the grass wet.

    Hope this helps
    Surprised- Chicks
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    Jan 26, 2016
    Gosnells Perth Australia
    Hi Surprise-chicks my chicks all made it through without any trouble I now have 6, 3 week olds. I have given up hatching anymore eggs until April. I love your chickens house. What chicks do you have? They look beautiful. I have 10 ISA browns. 9 australorps 1 @ 3mths 2 @ 2 months and 6 that are 3 weeks. I have 5 silkies that are 2 months old. I am hoping to hatch more australorps and silkies in the future.
    Its all good fun and my grandchildren love it.
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    Thanks, Breed is unknown, but they are all around 6 weeks old.

    I googled a lot and I think the two grey are Lavender Araucana and the yellow is a Salmon faverolle.
    Lucky I have no idea what she is....

    I have felt the pink part on long necks head and can't feel any bumps, at this stage? Hoping for girls, as I have no rules about cockerels in my living location, but do want to upset the people around me.

    I'm really hoping none are cockerels, but you guys on this forum are better qualified, as I'm a new surprised chicken owner. I can take more photos in a few weeks, they my help.

    So I should fill you all in and the background of how we got these Chicks.
    Almost 6 weeks ago it was raining and I let Zaccy (Chihuahua) out to the bathroom around midday on a Saturday.

    He was gone a while so I went looking as he hates his feet wet. When I got down the back, he had a tiny bird in his mouth, didn’t hurt it just brought it to me.
    It was Lucky she was alive and cold. I heard little sound to turn around and see 3 more babies.

    Zaccy and I towel dried them and use a hairdryer too. It worth noting Zaccy can’t handle bath time and has a panic attack; he just wants his babies back and the floor with him.

    We were just going to get them big enough to goes in the next door Coop, but we got very much attached, and built their New Home. (I’m now chicken crazy and want to make it bigger)
    This is why, we know nothing about them, we did spend 2 weeks looking for who owned them and with no luck, and I think someone dumped them, which is horrible.

    Photos of each

    Long Neck
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