Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts


11 Years
Sep 14, 2008
Milton Florida
I have a wall full of HW Treasure Hunts, and really tired of looking at them. I was going to pack them, but decided to see if any one is interested in trading for hatching eggs?

For the ones that don't know what a treasure hunt is, its a rare car sometimes in a case of Hot Wheels found any where Hot wheels are sold. More than likely you will never see one of these cars, as collectors and store employess take them right out of the case before ever getting to the peg. These cars are limited, detailed, and often come with real rubber tires. If your lucky enough to get one, its a treasure. I look everytime I'm at Wal Mart, and only have found 3 in 2 years. If you are there when they are hanging a case, your chances are better if one happens to be in that case. You will have to fight the flea market, and ebay people. All mine are in protective cases and hung on the wall that I have collected for a long time.

Anyone interested let me know, I am interested in


White crested Polish


Ringneck Pheasant

Let me know what you have, I may consider
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