Houdan Owners: Info On Personality? Health Issues?


11 Years
Nov 15, 2008
Newport Beach, CA

Can any standard Houdan owners out there share your experiences with the breed? Are there any health issues the breed is prone to? And what about their personalities? Are they friendly/shy, calm/flighty, quiet/loud, good layers or bad?

I love the look of the breed but am having difficulty finding much information that would help me decide if I want to add them to my very small flock (5 silkies, one bantam araucana)

I am hesitant to take the plunge on a rare breed without more information from owners, after a horrible experience with my Appenzeller Spitzhaubens that were plagued with weird health issues, then died one by one of Lymphoid leucosis at around 6 months of age. I came to find out after the fact from other spitz owners that most of the stock in the United States carries LL! If only I had known this before making the emotional investment (and also financial...With all those vet bills!!!)

Thanks so much!

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