House-builders Next Door About to Spray for Crabgrass

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    My chickies like to free-range over there, have since it was mostly woods and meadow. They don't understand the Human concepts of property lines, construction, and development. The owner/builder told my other half today that she'll be spraying to get rid of the crabgrass on Monday. Neither I nor my girls liked having them cooped up in the run for almost a week earlier this summer, after my landlord used two cans of wasp spray on the Yellowjacket nest (in the bush that they previously loved to chill out under, for the cool shade). Now, I don't know exactly what she has in mind, but when my boyfriend told me, he prefaced it with "I'm gonna have to keep the chickens locked up next week." [​IMG] Um, sweetie, TRY, A MONTH!!!
    QUESTION/SCENARIO #1> If I get any say in it (yeah, right, not too likely) what could I suggest she use--something organic, nontoxic-- to kill the crabgrass? All I can imagine is coming outside to find she used some Round-Up type, noxious, toxic, crap. If it does turn out that way, then there's QUESTION/SCENARIO#2 > How long do I have to keep them confined (out of the new house's yard)? How do I know when it might be safe for them to maybe go next door again, that the poison has dissipated? And what if they do end up over there anyway? How would I keep a vigil for symptoms? (How long) would I have to put the eggs into the garbage, instead of into us?
    New Info:
    It isn't spraying, but she is putting down Scott's Turfguard Plus2 (a chemical fertilizer AND herbicide). I don't know if she has put it down or not, so I already have some upset, cooped up girls, who are quite vocal about not liking the pen, when they are used to the yard(s)! The bag is sitting in the garage over there (she let me look at the packaging).
    I am waiting for Scott's to email me back, with answers to similar questions. But I still need help from people here who may have gone through a similar experience and can advise.
    {WW, I rent my apartment with the entire front & back yards, including the woods toward the back.That isn't the issue. The lot next door was sold, divided into two lots, then houses were constructed. There is no tangible line marker, as a fence would provide, because up until recently, it was all wild over there. I know it's up to me as their human to take care of it for them; THAT's why I asked for help on here.}
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    Um... the bottom line is, WHOSE yard is it? If theirs, then you have no complaints. If yours (as in your are renting the house/yard) then you do and may be able to say something. Possibly not if you are a renter.

    Chickens don't know property lines, and that is why they must have their HUMANS take care of that for them.

    As for the length of time... It depends on what she uses!

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