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House cats, threat or pest control?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Mrs Hutcherson, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Mrs Hutcherson

    Mrs Hutcherson Chirping

    Mar 19, 2013
    Burnt chimney, Virginia
    I am planning on getting chickens this summer and we have pet cats, that keep down the pests at our house. Once the chickens are past the fuzzy cat toy size, do think that the cats would bother the chickens? Ive been told that cats will keep rodents from getting into the coop and feed. Does anyone have any opinions or experience? Please and thank you!

  2. Hi Mrs. Hutcherson... I keep a whack of chickens here and as a family we foster a lot of dogs and cats from the SPCA here and find homes for then after we fix them up or find new homes for them.. I have 2 barn cats as I call them. Roger and Mouser take care of everything down at rthe bard and forever bring rewards to the back door for us. They are awesome.

    As for cats killing chickens it is hit and miss. I find that the only worries I have are chicks right up to about 8 weeks old. If the hens are small enough the temptation is there for the cat. Natural instinct kicks in. With all the cats we deal with here in the run of a year I have never had a cat kill a hen. I have had cats find out where a rebel hen has a hidden nest outside the pen and have had chicks killed. Due to the size they are easy prey.

    It is so unfortunate that happens but it does. The bigger the bird the less apt they are tempted to kill it. Most of the time cats are curious and will lay low and watch the birds from a distance. Farrel cats are hard to trust but domestic cats have you as a food source so that works in the birds favor. Hope this helps. Just let your chicks develope their feathers and to be safe give them about the 8 weeks. Hope this helps... Steve

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