House duck with eye and nasal discharge.

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    Hello, my house duck has something going on. She is a call duck and is 8 months old. She lives inside the house full time. She was fine last night but this morning I noticed she was not as messy as usual, then I saw her right eye was shut and there was a tiny bit of yellow discharge in her right nostril. When I pull open the eye it looks cloudy. She's still eating and drinking. I have polymyxin B Sulfate and trimethoprim ophthalmic solution eye drops. I've applied one drop in the eye twice so far (1 drop every 3 hours), given her a warm salt water bath (she thoroughly enjoyed this) and added acv to her water. The discharge in the nostril is gone and she is opening the eye more. My question is, does she need an oral antibiotic and if so, which one? If I have to take her to a vet I will but I figured since I caught this early I might be able to treat her at home. Any help is greatly appreciated....she is my baby and a member of our family. Thank you.
    Kathy, I would great appreciate your input! @casportpony
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  2. ACV is acidic .......Ducks Dunk the Bill into water right over the nostrils....I was taught to never give them that......SOUNDS LIKE A POSSIBLE INFECTION.......A vet would be better to say what to give the Duck....Ducks can not take many Meds......

    If someone tells you to use something that is wrong, your poor duck will get worse.......


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