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Hi All!!
I am new to the site hoping to aquire some information on raising a house chicken. it all started last year when a freind who has a coop asked me if i would care for a day old chick that was getting pecked on. My daughter and I of course said yes!! ( much to my hubby's dismay...we already have four dogs, a cat, a hamster and a fish!!)
So we cared for the lil bugger for two months...and get very attached! but....I was told by many that he would not be happy unless he was with other chickens, and I gave him back to my friend. ( even though this lil chick was on my shoulder/lap/hand all the time, ate dinner with us, played outside with my daughter and followed her like one of the dogs!)
we had become his flock, and i should have never given him back, because he didnt make it one month before he was killed...he refused to go in the coop at night...would not socialize with the other chickens...
that's when i started looking up "house chickens" and found out that there are MANY people who keep them!
anywho...this year my friend has ordered more chicks, and I am getting a female silkie...she will start off in a small enclosure in my house with her heat lamp. as she feathers out, she will move into a large cage, also in the house. she will have an outdoor coop for during the day (weather permitting).
i am just looking for any and all advice on keeping her happy and healthy.
thanks so much for taking the time to read!!


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Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

Chickens are very social animals, and really do better if kept with other chickens - but from the beginning as little chicks. While some do keep house chickens, if your bird is going to spend time on it's own you might consider keeping another chick as a friend and companion.


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Greetings from Kansas, Kim, and
! Pleased to have you in our flock! Best of luck with your house chicken! At this age, chick starter is probably what they need most. There are additives you can put in their water to give them a boost. At about two weeks you can introduce a few treats - meal worms, small veggie scraps, etc. Have fun!


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hi and thanks so much!! she is coming next week, so i hope to have some pics...she was ordered from my pet chicken, so i am hoping that she arrives safely with her friends! lol...
is there anything i should avoid? anything harmful that i should know about??
i have always had birds in my life...keets, conures, lovebirds, parrotletts, and even hatched my own button quail a few years back...
i cant imagine that this will be any different from owning a large far as the cleaning, and attention that she will need.
but we are a pet friendly home!! i often say that the reason i only have one child, is so i can have more pets!! lol..


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You're likely to end up with very happy, social hens, because both girls will bond to your family and to eachother, so they'll never be alone. Good call!

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One thing about silkies is - if they have a large crest and beard it obscures their vision, so they are pretty much asking to be picked off by hawks and other predators. If you have no plans to show - you can trim back the feathers(carefully) around the face before that happens. It won't hurt them and they are a lot more alert afterwards.

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