Housing a pair of Peas with other feathered friends?


Brown Barns Farm
11 Years
Sep 23, 2008
near Albany, New York
I have a pair of IB's now in a enclosure that has a 6 x 24 ft run with a "house" area that is 6 x 7. Anyone jave experience keeping other birds in with their Peas? Bantam ducks, pheasants, etc. Does it work? Thanks!
I have either red golden, amherst, or ringnecks in my pea pens.and have never had any issues. Never tried ducks. I have a friend that has.different pheasant species with his as well. Only.one had issues.with were silver pheanats during breeding season.
In a pen this size (run is 6 x 24' house is 6 x 7') Along with the pair of Peas, what else could COMFORTABLY fix in there? ie. pair of pheasants and a pair of banty ducks like Mandarins or Woodies?

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