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    Oct 14, 2012
    Ok...so I know this might sound off but I want to pretty much keep a cat in the coop permanently. We have 9 barn cats. 5 males and 4 females. They have been quite helpful in keeping mice out of the feed for our livestock. I have taken to one of the males. I named him "Elusive". When he was a kitten he would always plop himself down on the ground a few feet ahead of you as if he wanted to be petted but as soon as you bent over to pet him...he would take off. He was always just out of reach. Needless to say he is now my baby. He follows me all through the barns while I chore. I can pick him up and cuddle him. He is a great hunter! One day I walked out in the yard and he was dragging a full grown rabbit through the garden. :) All this being said...I love this cat. Unfortunately as good as a hunter that he is..he WILL NOT stand up for himself against the other males. He pretty much lives in the chicken coop because he doesn't want to get attacked by the other males. Elusive is a great fence climber and climbs the 6 ft fence to get into the coop where as the other cats do NOT climb fences. I believe this is why Elusive is still alive. So all this being said...he has never bothered my chickens but is always on the look out for mice. I would like to leave him in the coop all the time but I have sand for the floor of my coop. I don't want cat poop and pee (can't STAND THE SMELL OF CAT POO) in my sand. Any suggestions for how to set up litter box in pen where chickens can't get in? I have noticed them eating cat poop in the other barn before [​IMG][​IMG].

    By the way.. when the door is open he would have free access to coming and going as he pleases (by climbing the fence) but he still hangs out in the coop.

    As always thank you for your time and answers.
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    Well my chickens lay their eggs in covered kitty litter pans so I probably wouldn't be able to tell you anything helpful here! [​IMG]

    I have seen hens squeeze through unbelievably small openings- they are amazingly determined to get into small spots so if your cat gets there I would say your hens will too.
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