Housing chickens for show?

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    Aug 11, 2011
    Hello, I've read the info on a run being at least 10 sq ft per chicken and the house being 2 sq ft per bird. If you do (or if you wanted to) what do you do to house your chickens to show? Just a regular run and house or do you do anything different.

    I'm asking because we are new to chickens, my girls are both 4H members and have decided to show chickens for the fair this year. I've gotten a couple chicken books but I'm really not sure if a normal coop is the right thing for a show flock.

    Also we live in Centeral FL hot during the summer (low 100's lately) and we normally get some below freezing nights during the winter. We wouldn't have any chicks during the winter months only juv. and adult birds, with those temp ranges would I be better off using insulation?

    I am considering turning our empty pony stall into the house and make the run out the side of the barn and down the length of our back pasture. The stall is 10x14 ft and currently has three solid walls, and the front (facing isle way) is wood planks with about an inch in between, the run would end up being 8 ft wide by about 8x30 ft plus any floor space in the stall area if we decided to build the house with a raised floor. Does this space sound like over kill for about 15 chickens both girls would like to raise/ show White Crested Black Polish and Sultans they can each enter 6 birds so having the 3 extra so they can pick the best ones for the show.

    Thank you in advance for any and all advice I get! I'll be back for sure to read it all and learn some stuff that isn't in the books from much more experienced chicken keepers.
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    Mar 9, 2011
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    I don't raise chickens for show, so I can't advise on anything specific to that portion. But the size of the coop and run sound great, the bigger the better.

    I wouldn't insulate, I don't think you need it with your climate, ventilation is going to be a much bigger concern with the heat and humidity where you are. Most chickens can tolerate cold much better than heat.
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    I hope someone who shows birds responds!

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