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Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
Okay, I'm in the process of making pens for all my birds. Currently my pair of 5- to 6-month-old peas are in a large house with my turkeys. This needs to be changed...FAST! I found one of my turkey hens dead the other day, it looks like the tom killed her
The side of her face/head was all red (bruised) and her beak was broken on that side.
I don't want my peas to succumb to the stupid turkey, so I need to move them.

I am planning on making a 3-sided building for them with an attached 'hoop house'. The hoop house will be approximately 8'x8' square and about 6' tall in the center.

How tall do I make the building? Is 6' tall enough?

Is the 6' hoop house tall enough for when the peacock gets his tail?--(never seen an adult male displaying in-person before)

For the width and depth of the building, is 4' okay, or should that be 6' as well (or bigger)? Thanks
I would go atleast 8-9ft tall. The bigger you dream the better for the bird. My birds usually spend there days off of the ground and up in roosting areas where they sunbathe. Space keeps your peafowl looking there best and that is really important for breeding season. Peacocks during breeding season are crazed lol they dance around all day so they really need alot of room.
An adult peacock's train feathers are 3-4 ft long and even longer for older birds. This means that they stick up to at least 5 ft. Then, they spread out in each direction to a span of about 7 -8 ft. The males need room to spread, and without enough room the train feathers WILL get damaged. But you do have a couple of years before this is a real issue and you can get by with something close to the dimensions that are allowed at this time, but only on a temporay basis.

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