Housing Standard & Bantam chickens together

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by pasofinofarm, Jun 4, 2007.

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    Hi everybody.

    I had this brilliant idea to house my Standard Salmon Faverolles and Bantam Salmon Faverolles togethor since I could always tell what I have by egg size if I wanted to hatch any. DH says it's a terrible idea because they will "cross breed" and be neither standard nor bantam. Is this true? Anyone have a good answer for this really dumb question? [​IMG] And do other people sit up talking chicken over coffee before work?

    Have a wonderful day! [​IMG]
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    It is possible for bantams and standards to breed. If the bantam is rooster he may have a hard time mounting a full size hen and a full size rooster will try and mate with a bantam hen. My only experience comes from Freebie when she had Jack(her full size Plymouth Barred Rock) and her mille fleur bantam hens. Jack tried but the bantams didn't want any of that and they flew away, they were a bit quicker than Jack.
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    I have a couple banties with my full size hens. I have two chicks that were bred from my flock, one is a standard banty x ( ameracuana x silver seabright), so the banty roo can get the job done, but he's more likely not to. so if you want to hatch eggs, theres a good chance that he didn't get to them. but sometimes he does [​IMG]

    I just wouldn't want a full size roo on my little banty hens.

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