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    Apr 24, 2008
    We have about 25 birds for sale. Most are about 1 year old and are either laying now or just starting. There are a few older birds that are in fact still laying, but have a little age on them. They were second hand, so not for sure on the age but I harvest eggs from them almost daily and regularly catch them leaving the nest box.

    Here's what I have:

    About 14 year old Rhode Island Reds and one older RIR (jumbo eggs)

    Two White Leghorns with beautiful headgear, laying white medium eggs

    Two black Australorps older, but laying daily (jumbo brown eggs)

    5 "Black Stars" 1 year old (I am not familiar with this breed and I haven't caught them laying so I don't know the size or color of their eggs)

    2 Plymouth Rocks laying daily (medium brown eggs)

    1 year old Americauna Rooster who is a real wimp and is gentle to humans. Other roos would beat him up, he's a lover not a fighter. No trouble from this boy, I wanted to keep him but I have a Plymouth Rock Roo that is older and I'm more attached to.

    I am combining my two sets of layers into one, and haven't the room for all of them. Therefore, these must go. Older hens $6, prime hens $10.

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