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ok, i'm going nuts searching and searching and not finding the answers i need....

i want to get a hova...and kinda need one in a pinch, so getting one mailed doesn't really work into my time frame...unless shipped eggs can sit and extra 4 days in a closet without being too detrimental.

all the feed store by me has is the 1602N. the question is....how well does still air work...or do i really need to put a fan into it? i was looking for statistics on here going one way or the other, but couldn't find any threads that really told me if hatch rates really suffer in still air units.

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Forced air is def. the better way to go. I have a Hova 2632N with forced air and I have an LG still air that I use as the hatcher.

The still air needs to be set at 102 degrees
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I have 2 of the 1602's--kind of like you, I had an emergency situation, my homemade bator went out on me & I had no choice-that's all my local feed store had--hey it worked--my husband rigged up an old computer fan in it & I did have at least some of the eggs hatch (shipped eggs) -- I would not be afraid to try it strictly as a still air bator either.

I bought another one & put an auto-turner in it, & since that I have had 2 100% hatches on shipped eggs this year & 98% on another batch. I will keep using these bators' next spring for my own eggs.
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All I have is 1602n still airs, four o them. The work fine if you can keep them in a room that does not change temps very much during the day. I keep the plugs out during the whole incubation, I use a turner. I put a large piece of hardware cloth on top of the eggs, keep my hygrometer on top of the wire. I try to run the temp 101-102, Humidity around 45% for the first 18 days. Last three days 60-65%. Because I have four incubators I run several batches due at different times and just use one incubator that I run at a higher humidity and put the eggs in there for hatching the last three days. You can do fine in just one bator if they are due all at the same time, but toward the end the eggs produce more heat themselves and will cause spikes in temps, say the last five days or so you have to keep really good eye on the temps, even in a stable temp room. Hope this helps.

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I have the hovabator 1602. I just put my first batch of eggs in it today. I've had it running for 4 days now, and it seems to hold temp really well, even with the nights getting cool. (of course nothing was in it until today)
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