Hovabator 1588 temperature plummeting during lockdown


Feb 27, 2015
Somerville, AL
I have a Hovabaor 1588 that seemed to work great the first few times I used it. Now, during lockdown, my temperature drops to 94-97. Originally I figured it was from the recently added cool water, but then the temp never came up. I'm losing most of my chicks during lockdown, and they're Seramas, so this can't keep happening. Has anyone else had this problem? Should I just toss it and get a different incubator?


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Oct 16, 2008
Actually the set temp is 102.8 right now, and for some reason the temp is slowly rising now. The thermometers are reading 98 now.
I used to use up to 8 Hova and LG's at a time before I went to my cabinet models..

the main reason temps do not hold is a bad seal between the top and base of the styro sections.

i remedied this by using duct tape all the way around the unit at that area..

Use the gray duct tape and it peels off cleanly when you want to remove it..

also before starting a new batch of eggs, ;
run your bator as dry as you can get it.. usually bottoms out at about 30% humidity,, then set your temp at 101F

Proceed from there and do not reset the thermostat any more.

the temp will drop when there is water in the reservoirs..
If the temp rises, just add warm water and it should drop back to where it should be..
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