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    I need some help, i have just purchase hova bator model 1602n with turner too. and i would like to know anyone who got one, and i need all the information that comes with it. And i need to know how much water i should put and what else do i need to do before i put the eggs in the bator. thank you. This is my first time hatching eggs. so i need all the help i can get.
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    Jul 23, 2009
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    I have one and sometimes it can be funny. i would plug it in for about 2 or 3 days befor ya set any eggs to give it time to even out. they depend alot on the room temp to be stable. you will find that there is a big difference between temp gauges. if you use 10 different temp gauges you will get 10 different temp readings. get a good humidity gauge. mine is built in with my temp. there is a backwards L shaped trough in the middle put a little water in it. not enough to cover the entire L shape only part of it that should bring the humidity up to atound 40% at day 18 stop turning and fill the L shape all the way up and the other 2 sections that dont have holes in them that will bring the humidity up to around 70% and for the 3 days dont open the bator. hope this helps and keep the room temp stable

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