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Apr 15, 2007
Hi all, I have a hovabator 1588 with a electronic thermostat and a fan. What should the humidity be at? 40%. or closer to 60%. I'm not talking about when you raise the humidity just before the hatch. I mean for most of the time the eggs are developing. Thanks
Any incubator still air or circulated air like the hovas all use the same humidity levels. 40 to 50% ranges for the first 18 days, some people like less humidity just depends on your climate and house conditions. Last 3 days bump to the 60 to 70% range, some like to use 75%.
It should be close to 60% for setting and 65% during the hatch.
I hope they have made improvements with this model, does the electronic thermostat measure the temperature at egg level?
If there are just 2 trays to fill it is hard to get the exact value that you want for humidity. They say less is better than too much.
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