Hova's 1588 are here ? please

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    Mar 1, 2008
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    Hey all I got my 2 Hova 1588's Saturday and set them up (after I cleaned them light soapy water and a rinse with a light bleach solution and wind dried outside no sun here yet LOL).

    Got them running two hydro/temp and one reg temp in each. Temps on the side read 96.6 and 96.2 humitity is 53 and 52 the temp on top of the egg turners are reading 99 in both of them. This has been steady since Saturday night.

    Can I put my eggs in now and let the hova fairy do her thing or do I need to change the temp? The lady I got them from said they hatched fine for her and she never did a thing except plug them in and add water.

    Also the directions say not to use the 2 middle turners for large eggs could I put my banty eggs in there or will they hit that set up in the middle and crack?

    Thanks all

    Round 2 with 4 1/2 doz local not shipped eggs.

    23 silver dorkings some blk sumatra/dorking cross
    13 banty old english and ameraucanas
    18 buff orpintons

    Thanks again for all your help my fist hatch was 23 chicks out of 39 eggs I was happy with that they were in a little giant still air
  2. I'd say you are ready to go. I think it says that because they turn more at a angle and might flip them out. Right now I have jersey eggs in mine and seem fine.
  3. Zookeeper9000

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    Mar 1, 2008
    Gladstone MI
    Thanks I went for it. The directions say that if the eggs are too tall they can bump against that unit on the top of the bator and crack or break when it turns. That is why I asked, I just worked around it and put my banty eggs in that area.

    Happy Hatching

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