How a chicken dying taught our family a life lesson

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    Feb 28, 2017
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    Today the first chick I've ever had die drowned from wandering into the duck pen and falling into their pond. It was a 7 week old silkie that no one was too terribly attached to, but it was a tad sobering to grab the poor thing out of the water and have to dispose of it. After calling my husband to get his suggestions on what to tell our two year old, who is a very eager and smart little helper with his chickens and ducks, we agreed to take the opportunity to introduce our little man to the concept of death. It is, after all, inevitable. We're Catholic and it's Lent right now, where we try to remember that our lives are temporary and so are comforts, it seemed to be a good time to show him that God's design includes the end of life, in a more deep, meaningful way than stomping on bugs, as, of course, he is fond of doing. The boy is two. As well as that, we don't want our children to be sheltered from death or other natural occurrences and be of the stock of children crying for so called "safe spaces" as young adults. We're raising boys to be men, not to stay babies. So I pulled my little guy over and said to him, "hey bud, this afternoon when we put the baby chicks away we're going to count one less white chick than before," showing him on my fingers how to count down from 4 to 3, "one of the silkies died and we need to bury it."
    "Die, mama?"
    "Yeah buddy, died." I showed him the chick so he could see the difference between it and the others. He examined the bird for a moment then looked at the others.
    "Oh. Off. Dig hole, mama?"
    And that was that.
    Honestly, I had expected some kind upset or at least startlement at the death of the chick, he dotes on all of them but does have a favorite duckling (her name is Mary Kate but he calls her Mee Kay, cutest thing ever), but his sweet two year old mind was easily able to process that the chick was gone but not asleep and that mama had told him the next order of business was to properly dispose of it. He was not shocked or scarred, I think the innocent nature of children simply allows them to be more in tune to everything. They perceive it better than we do after years of dulling our senses and trying to avoid anything unpleasant in the name of comfort and courtesy. We will always keep animals around our home, not only because I like dogs or we eat eggs and meat, but because my sweet two year old reminded my husband and I today of the importance of teaching your children to be stewards of the earth and the responsibilities that go with it. Not every task is pleasant, and nothing lasts forever. Now if he could just be as accepting of his time at the playground ending...
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    A beautiful story and job well done. :)
    Sorry about your chick, and your son sounds adorable.
    Thank for sharing!
    Sunny [​IMG]
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    Thank you! Not that I'm biased but I find our boys pretty darn cute
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    I am so sorry for your loss, but beautiful story
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    Sorry for your loss but you handled it very well with your son.

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