How a Hen Lays Her Egg...

So interesting and informative....Thanks so much for sharing!!!!
I walked in the coop other morning and my leghorn (which just started laying about 1 1/2 wk ago) was in nesting box. I try not to go in coop while laying so not to stress--but at times don't know because the 4 that should be laying are sporadic--they are laying everyday but very different times. And she looked at me with a stink eye, like can I have som privacy, please!!! I decided...the chores could wait.. Came back about 2 hours later...had a nice white egg..still warm so it took her awhile...LOL Have 4 should be laying but only getting 3 eggs a day--I think though 2 are trading off--because size of the 2 eggs are off everyother day...Sixteen girls all together--others won't lay for about 2 more months--give or take...Can't wait I get excited about three--LOL And have EE in the bunch...LOL

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