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How about Sevin Dust -- OK

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by CountryRoosterUSA, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Can I use Sevin Dust in my coop, putting it in nest boxes and on the roosts, also the floor ??
    With out any harm to my hens. I can not find DE anywhere except for ordering online.
    Is it as effective as DE? Will it do the job? [​IMG]

  2. 1_FnkyFrm

    1_FnkyFrm Songster

    Jun 6, 2010
    Knoxville, Tn
    It will work just fine and please wear a dust mask. Im sure you dont want to breath it..

    NYREDS Crowing

    Jan 14, 2008
    It is much more effective than DE.
  4. Mother of All

    Mother of All Songster

    May 3, 2010
    You can fine DE at Lowe's in the pool section for a lot cheaper then any were else and it is the same stuff. They use it in pool filters BUT it is the same stuff
  5. tammyd57

    tammyd57 Songster

    Quote:No, it is not the same stuff. The pool DE is not food grade and is not safe for chickens.

    Sevin Dust works great in coops, runs, nests, even on the chickens themselves and will get rid of all the pests very effectively. It is also safe.
  6. tweetypie

    tweetypie In the Brooder

    Jul 2, 2010
    I put seven dust in their favorite dust bath holes, this way they get a little more help with the de-buggin. I have a couple of little silkies Im not sure I would want to dust, but Im sure it wouldnt hurt them in smaller qty's. Its good stuff, just too bad it only comes in small canister's, instead of big ole bags.
  7. 1_FnkyFrm

    1_FnkyFrm Songster

    Jun 6, 2010
    Knoxville, Tn
    You can get it in a 5# or 10# bag..

  8. TurtleChick

    TurtleChick Songster

    Oct 3, 2007
    Tacoma, WA
    also be sure you get the 5% sevin dust, not the 10% or whatever the higher concentration of pesticide one is. [​IMG] i also use it on my girls from time to time around their vents and in their favorite dusting spot. and i usually sprinkle a bit under the ends of my removable roosts and on the floor of the coop when i do a complete bedding change just to be sure that creepy crawlies can't hide.

    pool grade de is NOT recommended for use on animals - i bought some and called the company who told me "no, it is not food grade." so as the other poster said, unless you're using FOOD GRADE de, it's not safe for use on your birds.

    stupid cooties, i wish we didn't need any of this stuff!
  9. gwtx2

    gwtx2 Hatching

    Jun 1, 2010
    Think about what you are saying. Non Food grade DE is not safe to place on chickens, BUT, Sevin Dust (carbaryl) is safe. Sevin is a poison, toxic to most all living organisms although it is one of the safer pesticides to use.

    Carbaryl is a cholinesterase inhibitor and is toxic to humans. It is classified as a likely human carcinogen by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbaryl

    food grade DE is poisonous due to the heat treatment it undergoes (mainly for pool filters). But don't think that Sevin is 100% safe. Please wear a mask when applying.
  10. tammyd57

    tammyd57 Songster

    No pesticide is 100% safe for everything on the planet.
    If you look at the EPA's list of carcinogens, you'll see that almost everything imaginable is on there. TOO much of anything can be harmful.
    If Sevin Dust 5% is used sparingly and properly, following all safety precautions such as wearing a dust mask, it is one of the safer pesticides to use with chickens.

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