how angry will a brood hen get?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by kaybats, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. kaybats

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    Jun 4, 2011
    when I try to collect her eggs? If one of mine turns out to be one.
    I would expect to get pecked, but if she is really resistant, will she (for lack of a better word) attack?
    And if I do get the egg, will she remember what I'm there to do the next time and give me even more trouble?
    If I'm not ready for more chicks yet, should I separate her from the rooster?
    How long will she nest an unfertilized egg?
    How will I know when I HAVE to get that egg out from under her? It gets pretty hot in the summer...I 'd hate to have to deal with a bunch of rotten eggs:/.
  2. When my hens are broody (which is pretty frequently), they don't get aggressive at all, although many folks here report that their girls get moody as well as broody!
    Mine just kind of puff up in a trance and won't leave the nest. I can put my hand under them and remove any egg that's there without any pecks, which I do every day. I don't see any reason to keep an egg under a broody if you don't intent to hatch chicks.

    I also slide my hand under them and pick them up off the nest and put them out of the coop to eat, drink and poop a few times each day. I only had one time that one kind of growled at me when I was picking her up, but never any pecks. I guess it depends on the breed. they are all individuals. [​IMG]

    They can stay on the nest for weeks even if there is no egg, and mine will do that if I don't break them.

    I would assume that if you don't want more chicks at this time, it would be advisable to separate you roo from your hens . . . but I can't have roos where I live so don't have any experience with that. Perhaps someone else can help you with that concern.
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    If you are not ready for chicks collect the eggs daily. My serama went broody and was insane. She bit and bit pretty hard but it's just a chicken and it doesn't break skin (or at least she didn't) you could always wear gloves I guess. No you do not have to remove the rooster.
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    Apr 5, 2011
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    I've had some hens that were so sweet, they would just sit there and let me get the eggs.

    Some bush up and growl, but didn't peck.

    And then I've had the ones that become literally possessed by demons when on the nest. Puffing up, growling and even screaming/shrieking when I just walk into the coop. Pecking REALLY hard and TWISTING the skin when they get ahold of it, leaving bruises. I just cover their heads with a cloth so they can't see, lol. [​IMG]
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    Jan 28, 2011
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    One of my broodies (with no rooster) will peck me. The other doesn't. The can fly out of the coop and flog you, but that's usually only if they go stark raving mad. I had a leghorn do that once. You could always wear gloves and shades, just in case.

    I don't think they hold it against you if you take their eggs. If they are fertilized eggs, I'd collect them daily if you are going to eat them.

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