How are BSL's For Hardiness?


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9 Years
May 9, 2010
Egglanta, GA
My BSL, Lily, is getting ready to lay her first egg, and I was wondering how sexlinks are for winter-hardiness. I have never raised this breed before. I don't want to get the first egg and then be done, ya know? It's begenning to get pretty collldddd her in ATL, is was 56 f this morning. Thank you! Nicholas
You're going to get laughed at by the Yankees. 56 is warm indeed.

BSL's are rugged. They'll be fine all winter with a little shelter. Even here in PA I have some that prefer to roost outside in the winter, down to 15-20 degrees. As long as they have liquid water, they'll be fine.
Oh, my! 56!
I had a BSL, and she did just fine in our Kansas winters. I think she kept laying even when it was like 10 degrees out.
I got my two BSLs in spring 09, they started laying around five months old and are just now starting to slow down. I will be getting more of them this spring, their eggs are larger than the rest of my flock (BO, BR, EE and brown leghorn) and they've been very dependable layers and I believe eat less than the other hens. They seem more the size of by brown leghorn hen, smaller than the other layers. I'm on the wet side of southern Oregon, so it gets low teens a lot in the winter. Good luck with your girl!

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