How are everyones pots (piggies) doing?


11 Years
Mar 20, 2008
Just checking in with the pot people. Haven't heard any piggy stories lately.
I have 3 older pots and ended up getting two more babies this spring. They were inside for the first 4 weeks and then I moved them to the barn.
They have the run of the place and keep themselves busy. I have such a good time just watching them and their piggy antics.
I decided to bring Piggle into the house one afternoon because I want her to be used to the house and barn. She has been showing up on the back steps every morning for breakfast ever since then. I open the door and she comes inside and hangs out for about an hour getting belly rubs and fruit.
Piggle has worked out her own schedule. She is up at the house for breakfast. About the same time every afternoon she comes up to hang out in the shade with the dogs. Late afternoon she is grazing in the pasture with the blind pony and goat.
And Piggle and Cartman both enjoy helping me with my never ending job of weeding around here. I have the feeling that they think that when I am weeding that I am grazing. And they are right there to sample the different weeds I'm pulling out.
They really do provide a lot of entertainment and good company around here.
What have your pots been up to?
Well my Hilda is doing just find, and still spoiled rotten! She's not been inside for a good while now, she mostly lives on the back porch, but gets down and free ranges during the day. I guess nothing new has been going on w/ her lately so haven't had much to share. I do need to get out there and get some new pics of her. And of course I will have to show them off!

I haven't put her on backyardherds, I just kind of figured the Pigs section was more for farm pigs.
The pig section is for any pigs, just like any other section.
I'm glad Hilda is doing good. I'm looking forward to the pictures.
Piggles must have organized a field trip today. I heard her at the backdoor and went to let her in. There waiting on the steps was Piggle, Cartman (his first time to climb the steps) and 2 turkeys! Piggles must have been bragging in the barn about the extra treats she was getting inside of the house.
Well, I have a Maddie pig
Mad is a Leavitt pot bellied pig. She is a little over a year old now, and she is SOOOOO happy the winter is over! Maddie came to us from a breeder in Hawaii, so snow did not amuse her
Maddie is my baby... My hubby actually became jealous because I would hold her every night
Maddie is a house pig. Her 30 pounds of pig fits right in at our place! Here are a few pics...




This is what I call a "snig" - snail pig... Mad enjoys taking her covers with her sometimes!
Well, my Pinky, a blue-butt sow had 7 piglets...she layed on one so I have 6 little ones left. Their father, Punk, is gray.
They are sooooo cute! My pigs all live outside, and play with the dogs and my buck sheep, Hotshot, who I raised on a bottle.
They always pull the tail feathers out of my tom turkey, though!
It is funny to watch Punk play with the sheep.

Our first pig was Spanky, who was my GD's pig. He was a real pet. He hated a leash, but would walk with you just like a dog. He went on several outings, so children at birthday parties could pet a pig!
We lost him and 3 sows last year, still not sure from what, they must have gotten something they shouldn't have. We don't use any chemicals, so I have no idea what happened.
A couple that we sold a breedable pair of piglets to, gave them back to me, so I am in the pot-belly pig business again!!!
DH bought me 2 sows and a friend gave me another one, and someone else gave me a young boar, so I have 4 sows and 2 boars now.

Another sow should be having her pigs soon.

Why does it matter you go around to every single post and say the same thing lol no offence but thats what "other pets and livestock" is for to

Because we are trying to build up BYH. I did the same thing when BYCows was first started.
Aww Maddie is beautiful! They do love their blankets, don't they?

WoW, Jean, you will have all kinds of babies soon. I love watching the babies play. It's better than tv.

My little male, Cartman, has been hanging out with the blind pony quite a bit lately. It's amazing how fast he can run on those chubby little legs to keep up with the pony.
Cartman was originally named Pip...but he reminds me of Cartman from the Southpark cartoon when he is fussy for food. Everytime he does I can picture Cartman whining for cheesy poofs from his mom.

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