how bad are pigs?

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    Sep 25, 2011
    hi I saw hampshir pigs on cragslist today and rily wonted them it was a trio and thay all where around a year old and only where 400 for all 3 so I have some questions that need to be answered my mom dosent wont to raise pig so 1) how bad do thay steenk? 2) what type of shelter would thay need? 3)how many piglets do hampshiers have? 4) can all of them be together in a pen? 5) can thay get out esey with livestok panils? 6) how much fun is it to raise hampshiers? 7) do you think I should go see them? 8) do you think that is a goog deal on them? please I have been wonting pigs forever and my mom thinks they will be a big hasle.
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    Jul 20, 2011
    1 The pigs will only stink if you fail to clean the pen. Pigs are not the dirty monsters people think they are. They will pick one corner of the pen to use as the bathroom.

    2 all they need is a A framed house for shelter and straw to cuddle down in in winter months.

    3 They should have 8 to 10 piglets a litter some times more

    4 I wouldn't. If you want to breed them they will each need there own pen. I also would not house the Boer right next to the sows or build a solid fence where he can not see the girls.

    5 you talking about the wire cattle panels. if so yes they can walk right thru it. think of a pig as i mini bulldozer. If you want to house them use the wire panels and then run some electric wire on the inside the pen at nose height to keep them from rooting at the cattle panels.

    6 pigs can be lots of fun and can even learn tricks. we had one who could sit up and beg, lay down and roll over all learned for food treats. we got so bonded to her we let her live a extra six months and when we finally did the deed she was awful. worst pork i ever ate.

    7 sure go look at them. Take mom with ya

    8 sounds fair but i would barter with them and try for 300 for the trio. I bought 4 adult sows and a blue butt Boer for $40 each. They were asking 200 each or best offer. Being it was mid winter and snow and ice on the roads i made a offer of 40 each. they ended up taking it. I had no pig pens at the time so i made 3 pens out of nothing but T post and 2 strands of electric wire worked great till i resold them.

    another option is to try to work out a deal for both the sows if they will breed them to the boer. Then by they time they pig you should know if you really want to raise pigs and if you really need a boer. Most adult boers are dirt cheap to buy so if you really need a boer you can always buy a boer later.
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  3. SillyChicken

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    Jan 12, 2010
    I personally wouldn't want my kids raising large swine, they can be dangerous if they are not managed properly. Keep doing research before you dive in!
  4. ChickenfootDuckbutt

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    If you really want to try your hand at raising pigs, get a "smaller" breed, like pot-bellys, they still get big, but no where near the 800+ pounds a Hampshire can get.

    or get an already bred sow.

    Pigs are alot of work and not really for young kids (not sure how old you are or where you are from, but I had a REALLY hard time even reading your post [​IMG])

    pigs do not "stink" infact, in my experience alone, the pigs themselves often smell a bit...bacon-y, [​IMG] how ironic is that? what STINKS is the fact that pigs like splash in their water containers to cool off, them they roll in the wet dirt and eventually make wallows, then that nasty muddy water sits and grows bacteria, THAT is what stinks.

    pigs need a LARGE pen, well enough room for fit 10 pigs in for just one pig(OR basically enough room for the big to have a mud wollow possibly twice it's own size and still have enough room to get out of the mud, pigs do NOT like to be dirty and in fact, it can make them sick), unless you're raising meat hogs, and even then keeping them in rediculously small pens, is cruel IMO.

    they get bored EXTREMELY easily, are you prepared to spend alot of time with them/give them LOTS of enrichment?, if not, and if you don't have strong fencing, you WILL have pigs getting out. they are SMART, some say smarter even than the smartest dog breeds

    Boar pigs can get VERY nasty come time to breed, are you prepared for that?

    ETA: that what I know about pigs comes from my limited experience with them, I've never personally owned any, don't really like pigs enough to bother getting some, but a few of my friends, as well as my grandparents did.

    the piglets were always fun though [​IMG]
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  5. carolinagirl58

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    Mar 30, 2011
    Lugoff, SC
    Pigs are NOT for kids. They can become very dangerous to be around. One night many years ago, my boar hog broke out of his pen and broke into all of my goat pens. He killed and ate ALL of my goat kids that night. I caught him in the act of killing the last one. I lost over a dozen kids that night. I will NEVER try to keep a boar hog again. Sows are not as bad or as dangerous but still....NOT for kids.

    A sow and her babies must be kept away from the other hogs, especially a boar. He WILL kill and eat them if he gets a chance. To many boar hogs, anything in his pen (dead or alive) is food.
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    Nov 7, 2010
    Kootenays of BC!
    I refuse to deal with our pigs. They are danegerous! We usually get three or four in spring and butcher them in fall. When you walk in to the pen they all come running. I mean full out running. And a pig can not stop on a dime. [​IMG] They will smack straight in to you and knock you down. If you get knocked down, that is the end of you. [​IMG] (Think Picktons farm in BC) IF you manage to stay on your feet they will push all their hundreds of pounds in to you, trying to show their piggy love. Slobber, nose goo, whatever they got, they will slather all over your pants. This deters me form going in the pen. Grown men have been knocked down easily. They are not easy to keep.

    They are also incredibly smart. You need to have very secure gates or they will easily figure it out. Double latched. I wouldn't be too shocked if they could pick a lock. If they had fingers. [​IMG]

    But IF you ever do decide to butcher, beware. Those piggies have a way of getting in to your heart. They are silly, smart, fun creatures. And tasty.
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    Sep 25, 2011
    ok people I am 13 and I think if I can handl 3 mares 1 stallion 1 gelding, 10 rabbits 7 that are the bigest lop eared rabbit in the world that are about 17lb each that try to get you when you just walk by there cages and I did alot of reserch and they are the best type of pig to bye, thay are the best pigs for a beginer to have and yes I have had 2 sows at a time and thay where hampshir croses but they where the nicest pig you could ever meat but we ate them and thay where good [​IMG] [​IMG].

    and now my mom is cinsidering it [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  8. adgcountrygirl

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    My mom wouldn't let me raise swine either. For much the same reason as others who have replied to your question. They are dangerous. There is no need to lash out at those who have answered this way. For one thing, they are concerned about YOU. Also, none of us, no matter how many animals you personally manage, know your experience level or how well your sense of animal moods is. For instance, I have a bull that has been bottle-fed and still to this day will eat from my hand. If I approach him, and he turns away from me, I leave him alone. As long as you know the difference between domestic and tame, and your mom allows you to buy the pigs, it is no one elses business. She would know your level of experience better than any of us. I can tell you that personally, even as an adult animal lover, I have no desire to raise pigs anymore. A lot more work that I have time for at the moment. Good luck in which ever descision you make!!!
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    Nov 12, 2009
    Covington, OK
    We raised pigs this summer and I did enjoy the pigs. We gave 25.00 each when they were weaning age. But I learned alot about pigs too. One thing I learned is pigs eat everything.... baby kittens for one. 3 of our momma cats had kittens in the barn by where the pig pen was and I thought there wasn't as many kittens when I fed them and got to watching and a kitten could fit by wire where pig pen was and he didn't come back. Boy, I never thought of them eating kittens, really freaked me out. Of course I fixed it so they couldn't get in anymore but it was really upsetting. Then I learned pigs love to eat chickens and turkeys. The will freely grab one and drag it through the fence if they can reach them. Our pigs were well fed hog food on automatic feeder so had all they could eat but they still loved to try to snatch and eat whatever they could. We felt next pigs we had we would put them farther from the house and kitten and chicken pen.
    The first time one grabbed chicken was a shock to me. I never thought of that. We just had cattle panels around them so chickens could run in and out of pen and the silkie rooster that I had hatched from shipped eggs that was such a pet walked in pen and we was looking for him and seen some white fluff in pig pen I looked around corner at the pigs and the fat one was standing there looking at me with silkie chicken foot hanging from side of his mouth. I said to him "Did you eat my silkie chicken?" and he looked at me so innocent like who? Me? with that chicken foot hanging out of his mouth. I wanted to ring his neck. Then we put chicken wire around pig pen on cattle panels and that helped alot. But they were like having fish bowl of piranha in middle of chicken pen.
    We did not just play with pigs but fed them carefully from outside of pen. My husband was only one to go in pig pen because of their size and how they can bite you. We respected them. But other than that they were not hard to care for just keep them in with water.
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    ive raised and shown pigs in FFA. the only thing u need to to is be carful around them. pigs can be very sweet. all mine i got as babies and raised them till they were adults. pigs are easy to raise in my opionion, but are very expensive. when they get sick u have to give them shots which isnt easy to do on a pig. they need spacail feeds. like a prego sow needs speical feed and pigle ts need a differnt one. at certaint ages they required differnt feeds. and a sow needs a farrowing crate to give birth in or u could risk losing piglets. i had sows lay on top of there babies and kill them when they gave birth in my barn. and pigs are amazing escape artists and are extreamly fast runners. i say give it a shot. but be aware ur ganna be spending tons of money on them.

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