How bad is a muscovy drake's bite/pinch?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Parrotchick, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Nov 13, 2009
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    Late yesterday afternoon I got home to find my muscovy drake Ivan with bloody caruncles. He was in the "non-muscovy sector" of the yard where he didn't belong, so I thought he might have gotten into a scuffle with Stella the Polish rooster, whom he often singles out for attack. Nope, Stella and all other chickens looked fine.

    But my Bourbon Red Tom turkey has two deep punctures on the base of each of his wings but the outside of his chest. They're almost symmetrical. A couple people suggested Ivan could have done this to Tom, boys being boys in spring. Though they're not usually in the same yard, they see each other through the fence and sometimes are together, they never paid any mind to each other at all before and neither seemed the most chivalrous around the ladies. Both are total sweet "people birds" and love their mom (me of course). I just can't picture them fighting.

    Tom's marks seem more like maybe canine punctures to me but I can't tell where/how anything would have gotten in, plus the neighbors heard no commotion (I would think the geese would be hysterical if something different invaded their space-they're very vocal). Is it possible for a muscovy bite to look like a puncture? I know Ivan usually goes for rooster necks (or my feet/calves when his love is misguided) but it might be hard for him to reach a Tom's neck.

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