How big do Appenzeller Spitzhauben get?


Mar 10, 2017
Forgive me if I've spelled their name wrong. In my mixed flock, I have a batch of young pullets that include 2 appenzeller spitzhauben chickens, a hen and roo. The breeder I got them from said they are "smaller" birds.

The set of birds they are with include ameraucanas, and barred rocks, all the same age (2 1/2 months)

I've been watching them grow closely, and wanted to know if anyone knows how big the spitzhauben get in comparison to bantam fowl?


6 Years
Jul 19, 2015
North Central Florida
They are definitely not bantam, at all. They are a light breed, but they are tall. My spitz boy is 15 weeks old and taller than my Marans, BR, RIR etc but lighter in frame. He has already mated a few times with my EE and tries with the Marans but they turn him away. In any case, he towers over all my bantams and would not be able to safely breed with any of them except maybe my bantam brahma since she is so stocky. He isn't going to get as big as a cochin or brahma or even a Marans rooster, but he doesn't even toe the line between bantam and standard.

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