How big do cornish chicks get? Tryin to figure how much room I need

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I'm ordering about 25 Dark Cornish and White Rocks. More Cornish than Rocks. I never owned these birds and I'm not sure how big they will get when I have them inside. Does anybody know how big of a brooder I should make for them? I really don't have alot of room so this is why I need to find out. I may end up getting fewer than I want. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Also, I am building a coop soon. I'm wondering if I can't just put them outside in the new coop with a couple heat lamps when they are a few weeks or a month old? Thanks so much!

And another thing. I plan on keeping a rooster and a few hens and butchering the others and I was told just to feed them all a high protein grower food so they will get bigger. If I'm posting in the wrong section, please tell me...
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They're not really any different than any other LF type chicken (e.g. your rocks), AFAIK. They're just, you know, chickens
Same brooder space as anything else. How much you want to try crowding them in depends on how much you want to court problems.

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